Get to Know Me

Mizz Love Doctor, I am a true believer in love, a serious hopeless romantic, passionate about, and a true believer in the the power of healing. I am a real survivor, in the truest form of survivor. I have been told numerous times that I was not suppose to make it and sometimes I honestly believed I wouldn't. Growing up in a unhealthy environment, can lead to damaging behavior and life styles. As a young girl I was afraid to love, I always said my heart was in a glass box and I am the Key. Love has always been the key, pure, true, authentic, unconditional love.   

The heart deserves tender care, without proper care, its under attack and could die. My heart was flatlined, I was dead inside, I let me heart out that glass box yall, and guess what, it got hurt, fumbled, dropped, cracked and shattered. I was left to pick up all the pieces and mend it. I realized I needed to do a heart restoration on myself. Repair with self love, restore with happiness, and rebuild with healthier pieces filled with peace. 


There is one thing we all need and its love, self love is the greatest form. You can not love someone properly if you do not love yourself. I learned to respect myself for exactly who I am.

I am Mizz Love Doctor.